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BrokerStars success case

Equity-Based crowdfunding campaign
Campaign duration: 16 January 2014 – 16 April 2014
Money raised: 28,862 euros
Number of Investors: 52
Date Funded: 2014
Sector: Gaming / Consumer Products
Location: Spain
Link to campaign on FundedByMe: https://www.fundedbyme.com/en/campaign/2519/brokerstars/#.U16I9vl_utY

Quote from entrepreneur
«We are very pleased with the support of FundedByMe and very proud of the interest generated by the Crowdfunding campaign”

Jesus Santos CEO Serial entrepreneur in technology and internet companies Experience in Business design and development.

Campaign Description
Brokerstars Diseña, crea y opera Juegos Sociales de contenido Financiero, denominados Financial Social Games, así como el desarrollo de software que permita su creación, explotación y venta como Juegos Sociales y también como oferta de juegos para operadores del sector de Casinos Online y operadores de Banca y Bolsa.

Campaign Highlights
• Investors from 8 different countries invested in BrokerStars
• Crowdfunding round was complemented with additional 183,000€ invested by professional business angels

Samastah Success Case

Investors: 23
Days: 90
Date funded: March 2014
€ 76,800
Ángel María Herrera
Angel María Herrera is one of the most prestigious entrepreneurs in Spain. He has been featured in Forbes Magazine, and I personally helped him to raise 76,800€ for his new project Samastah

Samastah is the first platform that provides integral solutions for personal balance. Its leader, the famous Spanish entrepreneur
Ángel María Herrera, had a motorbike accident at the height of his popularity which almost ended with his life, and throughout his recovery he asked himself if fame, business, and hard work were the only reasons to be in this world. After this dramatic experience he met Bettina Gallego, a former JP Morgan investment fund manager with 14 years of experience that had given a full turn to her life by becoming self-employed as coach, yoga teacher and business angel of entrepreneurs. Her passion to learn and contribute to human development met Ángel María’s needs for answers, and together started the Samastah project.
Samastah aims to be the reference site for the search of products and services related to the balance of body, mind, and spirit, adapted to the user’s specific needs. Their first project, a game to solve timeless questions such as ‘What do I have to improve?’, turned to FundedByMe to find its first round of investment. For Ángel María and Bettina it made perfectly sense to open their project to the crowd so that it could be as collaborative as possible.
The minimum investment was 1,200€, and thanks to Ángel María’s reputation as a ‘celebrity’ entrepreneur (Wall Street Journal covered the story, for instance) the round was closed in 3 months.


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