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Why invest into early-stage companies?
  • Equity crowdfunding for investors is a way for many investors to invest together in a business.
  • As an investor, you gain access to exciting companies offering shares of their companies in exchange for funding.
  • Equity crowdfunding lets several investors to invest together under the same terms, making the risk and investment size smaller for each individual investor.
  • Besides funding, an investor can offer industry or market knowledge as well as specific expertise or contacts to help the companies grow.
Why pledge and support crowdfunding projects?
  • Reward crowdfunding lets people fund a campaign together.
  • As a backer, you receive a reward depending on the amount you support a campaign with.
  • Reward crowdfunding enables a group of supporters, or backers, to help bring an idea to life.
  • Along with your monetary backing, you can help share the campaign and also offer to share knowledge and expertise that may be useful to the entrepreneur.
Why become a FundedByMe Investor?
  • Obtain company shares from as little as €100 or less
  • Invest in innovative, high-yield opportunities in high-growth markets
  • No fees
  • Join a community of thousands of investors
  • Expand your investor network
  • Communicate with company management directly
  • Invitation to exclusive investor events and company pitches
  • Grow and spread your investment portfolio

WARNING: Investing in unlisted companies is a HIGH RISK activity.
The possibilities of losing all of a great part of your investment are extremely high, and also it is very likely that your investment will remain illiquid during years. We do recommend you to perform a due diligence analysis of the company or project you intend to invest in or to seek the counsel of trusted advisors. In any case NEVER invest in this asset class more than 10% of your investment portfolio, or as an alternative NEVER invest any capital whose loss could ruin your personal or family economy.

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